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Account-Based Marketing Training Courses

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Account-based marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies today. If you are trying to build a successful account-based marketing campaign, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of how it all works. There are several courses available online for any marketers considering the development of an ABM strategy.

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ABM Essentials (

  • Level: Foundational
  • Course type: Online course
  • Course duration: 2 days

The ABM Essentials course is ideal for anyone new to ABM and looking to implement it in their business for the first time. It is a 2-day online course, consisting of 2x 3-hour training sessions. The course is priced at £449 (£399 for Propolis members). It is an established course, with over 250 delegates successfully trained over the last 3 years.

The course offers “a highly practical overview of how ABM works, what it looks like in practice, and how to adopt and deliver it successfully in your business”. It is all about covering the fundamentals of account-based marketing for anyone looking to employ ABM in their business for the first time. It can also be used as a refresher course for anyone who uses ABM in their organization. Successful trainees will receive certification from, that can be included in their CV. You will also receive a 100 plus slide deck, of the content covered over the course, including templates and guidelines to help you as you move forward.

For more information on the course visit b2bmarketing.


B2B Account-Based Marketing (Institute of Data and Marketing)

  • Level: Foundational
  • Course type: Online course
  • Course duration: 1 day

This course offers foundational-level training of how to implement account-based marketing in B2B businesses. This training is a 1-day course that can be completed through online learning as a self-study, or through a virtual classroom. The course offers an overview of what ABM is and how to implement account-based strategies. It will teach you how to align sales and marketing and how to target the right accounts. It will also cover ABM software/technology that is available and how to chose the right technology for your business. The training course is priced at £450 (£400 for members).

For more information on the course visit Institute of Data and Marketing.


ABM Certification and Training (Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing)

  • Level: 4 courses ranging from Introduction to Elite level
  • Course type: Online course
  • Course duration: Each course has 41 hours CPD accreditation (except introduction course)

The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing offer a range of courses for marketers, from Introductory to Elite level. The courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of account-based marketing and “help your commercial teams to develop their capability and add real value to your business”. The Introduction is a short course priced at 49 euros, to give a brief overview of ABM, to do determine whether it is a right fit for your business. The nest three courses all have 41 hours CPD accreditation. The Essential course (440 euros) goes further than the Introduction, and introduces an ‘ABM Planning Toolkit’ to help you develop an ABM programme for your business. The Excel course (790 euros) and Elite course (1,290 euros) offer 3 online one-to-one coaching sessions and 7 online one-to-one coaching sessions, respectively.

For more information on the course visit Centre of Excellence for B2B Marketing.


Account-Based Marketing Learning Path (MarketProfs)

  • Level: Foundational
  • Course type: Online Learning Path
  • Course duration: 4+ hours

MarketProfs offer a Learning Path on account-based marketing. This Learning Path is $195 and consists of 4 online courses, split into 27 lessons. Each course takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. The 4 courses are ‘Planning Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts’, ‘Creating Personalized Account-Based Marketing Programs’, ‘Orchestrating and Communicating Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns’ and ‘How Well Are You Connecting: Analyzing Engagement Across Target Accounts’. This Learning Path will teach you how to develop better account selection, create personalized campaigns and how to evaluate the performance of each of your ABM campaigns.

For more information on the course visit MarketProfs.

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