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What Is One-to-One Account-Based Marketing?

Account based marketing, commonly known as ABM, allows you to combine sales and marketing to target your leads and funnel them through the sales process in a personal way.

If you’re eager to make this process even more personal than it already is, then you can try a 1-1 ABM campaign to earn your business the sales it needs to grow and flourish, despite the challenges it faces. 

What Is A 1-1 ABM Campaign?

Just as it sounds, a 1-1 ABM campaign involves developing a personal relationship with each lead and supporting them personally through the process of becoming a paying customer. 

Usually, 1-1 ABM campaigns don’t involve reaching out to potential clients cold- instead, you get them into the sales funnel using a marketing resource, such as an infographic, informative video, blog post or podcast episode.

Once the lead has expressed an interest in your content, you can communicate with them personally and share your knowledge and insight with them. 

How To Set Goals For Your 1-1 ABM Campaign 

Every marketing campaign needs goals and targets, and the same goes for your 1-1 ABM campaign. You can create goals for every stage of the campaign; from the website traffic that the initial content receives to the number of leads that convert.

By its nature, 1-1 ABM campaigns are bespoke and tailored to a specific target audience, so you should try to run multiple campaigns for every audience you’re targeting.

As you conduct more campaigns and learn more about what your prospective clients are looking for, you can tailor your targets and campaign content around their expectations.

Over time, you’ll be able to quickly and easily create successful 1-1 ABM campaigns that will entice a wide range of potential customers to learn more about your business. 

How Do Sales And Marketing Work Together?

Your marketing team will be creating the content that funnels the leads through to sales for your 1-1 ABM campaign, so they’re the first port of call.

They need to work closely with your sales staff, so they can understand what sort of content they need to create to bring in the leads they want. 

Then, they’ll need to be proactive about passing interested leads through to sales, so that they can begin the process of selling your products and services to them. 

Try to encourage your marketing team to get creative with the content; the more creative the ABM campaign is, the more likely it is to gather fruitful leads. 

What Happens When Prospects Reach The Sales Team?

Once your prospective clients reach your sales team, they need to create targeted email content that helps them to see that your firm is worth collaborating with and turn them into paying customers. 

They will need to start a conversation with your leads so that they feel like they’re being supported, not just sold to like in traditional sales campaigns. 

If the conversation doesn’t lead to a sale, then your sales team should collaborate with your marketing team to create targeted follow-up content, such as an email series, to draw the lead back in and keep them interested in your business. You can also create tailored adverts that inspire them and drive them towards your company. 

How Can Sales Staff Tailor Their Conversations And Content To Each Prospect?

As the name suggests, 1-1 ABM revolves around delivering a personal approach, and that means learning about the prospective client and providing them with bespoke support. 

Learn to nurture your leads and get them to grow into lucrative contracts or regular buyers. One great way to do this is to profile your prospective client and then create a buyer persona for them.

With this information, you can understand what they’re looking for and provide them with content and information that will help them to see that your firm can give it to them.

Your individual buyer persona can also inform your company’s overall marketing strategy so that this information will benefit not only your 1-1 ABM campaign but also your organisation as a whole. 

Continue To Offer Individual Support Throughout The Customer Journey 

Once you’ve funnelled your lead through your 1-1 ABM campaign and turned them into a customer, you need to maintain your momentum and keep them interested.

As a result, your customer service and support departments must offer the same personal service that your customers became accustomed to when they were part of your 1-1 ABM campaign. 

By creating an organisation that revolves around providing your clients with tailored support to meet their exact needs, you’ll be able to grow your company and improve customer retention. 

Stay Up To Date On The Latest ABM News

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Diyar Abdullah

Telemarketing expert who uses the 'social listening' approach to generate sales. A specialist in running successful ABM campaigns.

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