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The best Account-based Marketing Certification program

Account-based Marketing Certifications: Where To Get Certified

Account-based marketing certification is a hot topic in the marketing world, and more and more professionals are looking to get certified in the discipline.

ABM certification is necessary to step in your career development and can help you take your marketing skills to the next level. But where can you go to get certified in account-based marketing?

In this article, we will share what online platforms offer a certification program in Account-based marketing.

The ABM Programs

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a popular buzzword in recent years, but what does it entail? ABM is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on identifying and targeting specific accounts with custom marketing programs.

ABM is a great option for businesses with limited numbers of high-value customers. It allows you to tailor your marketing messages specifically to the needs of each account, increasing the chances that you’ll convert them into customers.

In addition to teaching the basics of account-based marketing, good ABM certification programs also provide students with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. These instructors can share their insights and provide feedback on students’ work, helping them develop their skills. Furthermore, ABM programs are designed to help professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in different industries.

The Benefits of ABM Certification


Certification can offer several benefits to professionals in a variety of industries. In terms of account-based marketing, certifications can provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this field.

Account-based Marketing certification is a valuable credential that demonstrates your expertise in this cutting-edge marketing strategy. Earning your certification will give you access to exclusive resources and networking opportunities to make you a more sought-after marketing professional.

Certification through the ABM Institute offers various benefits, including:

  • Access to exclusive resources and networking opportunities
  • The ability to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to ABM to your current and potential employers
  • A comprehensive understanding of the ABM methodology and how to apply it in your organization

Account-based marketing (ABM) certification programs are popping up all over the place as the popularity of ABM increases. However, not all programs are created equal. It’s essential to do your research to find a program that will offer you the most comprehensive and up-to-date education in ABM. 

Types of Account-Based Marketing Certifications

There are three types of account-based marketing certifications:

Vendor Provided Certifications

 The first type is a certification provided by the vendor of the account-based marketing software. The certification proves that the individual has been trained to use the software.

When acquiring the certificate, you are expected to have a profound understanding of the basic functions of the various software needed to pull off a strategic account-based marketing activity.

Independent Organization Provided Certifications

The second type is a certification provided by an independent organization. The certification proves that the individual has been trained on how to use account-based marketing to achieve business goals.

The titleholder should possess the intermediate skills to process relatively complicated scenarios. Independent organizations tend to operate based on a specific industry. This type of certification allows you to understand a comparably challenging situation.

Software Vendor and Independent Organization Provided Certification

The third type is a certification provided by the vendor of the account-based marketing software and the independent organization.This certification proves that the individual has been trained holistically to apply various ABM strategies on a broader scale.

This may require macro-level skills intended to apply account-based marketing to bigger and many complicated businesses and industries.

 Where to Get Certified?


 American Marketing Association (AMA)

PCM Marketing Management

They offer a variety of resources and services to its members, including professional development opportunities, networking opportunities, and access to a variety of marketing research. The AMA also advocates for the interests of marketing professionals and promotes the value of marketing to the business community and society at large. 


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The Demandbase Account-based marketing certification is an in-depth program that provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to create and execute successful account-based marketing campaigns. The certification covers a variety of topics, including how to identify and target high-value accounts, create account-based marketing programs, and measure the success of those programs.

The certification is designed for marketing professionals who want to learn, create and execute successful account-based marketing campaigns. It is also ideal for sales professionals who want to learn how to leverage account-based marketing to identify and target high-value accounts.


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ITSMA’s Account-based marketing certification is a comprehensive program that covers the latest strategies and tactics for successful ABM.

The certification program is designed for marketing professionals who want to develop and execute an account-based marketing strategy.

The certification program consists of three modules:
– Module 1: Introduction to Account-based Marketing
– Module 2: Planning and Execution of an Account-based Marketing Strategy
– Module 3: Measuring and Optimizing Account-based Marketing Programs

Each module is consists of a series of lessons, including videos, readings, and quizzes. After completing the lessons, you must pass a quiz to earn your certification.

The Costs of Certification

ABM Certifications and training can be expensive, with some programs costing more than $2,000. However, many employers see certification as a requirement for certain positions, so the investment may be worth it in the long run.

There are a number of account-based marketing certification programs available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to do your research before choosing a program, as not all certifications are created equal.

Some programs offer online coursework, while others require in-person attendance. Some programs are geared towards beginners, while others are geared towards experienced professionals.



  • Acquire the skills to effectively study your audience and create personas
  • Discover how to iterate your messaging based on market research
  • Implement the vital role of storytelling in great campaigns


-3 hours of live instruction

-Interactive Q&A and hands-on exercises

-Resources, templates, tips, and best practices

-The Fundamentals of Account-based Marketing

-The Advanced Tactics of Account

Member Price: $69

Non-member Price: $89


Demandbase offers two types of certification depending on your level.


  • Understand the key considerations for an ABM Strategy
  • Make ABM-focused decisions about your marketing mix
  • Lay the groundwork for a successful ABM Strategy


  • Align everyone in your organization behind ABM
  • Dive deep into the reporting and metrics to track your success
  • Build and segment a Target Account List that will work for you

Cost:  $349


ITSMA offers an eight-hour online course designed for B2B marketers pivoting to an ABM strategy.

It is designed for anyone who is just getting started in ABM or works alongside marketing and wants to have a better understanding of ABM and how it can help increase revenues, create new and stronger relationships, and build a better reputation.

Members: $2,000

Non- Members: $2,500

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Account-Based Marketing Certification Program


There are a few primary considerations when choosing an Account-based marketing certification program. The first is the quality of the curriculum. Ensure that the program is well-designed and comprehensive, covering all the key aspects of ABM.

The second is the quality of the instructors. Check if the program is taught by experienced professionals who can provide valuable insights and advice.

The third consideration is the quality of the support network. Verify if the program provides access to a strong network of fellow professionals who can offer support and advice.

Finally, considering the cost. Find out if the program is affordable and fits within your budget.

Final Words

There are many different places to earn your account-based marketing certification. The most important thing is to choose a reputable certification to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this field.

In need of assistance? Get in touch with us. We’re here and happy to help you choose the right path for you.




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