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Account-Based Marketing Strategy: 6 Proven Strategies

Building an incredible account-based marketing strategy can be a challenge, particularly if you’ve got targets to hit and under pressure to perform.

However, in today’s crowded market, where so many businesses have large marketing budgets and large teams of experts to think of quirky marketing tactics, you need to stand out from the rest if you want to succeed. 

So, get inventive and try to do something a little bit different for your next campaign. I have put together a list of ideas to get you started and inspire you to create something unique for your next campaign. 

1. Create Bespoke Marketing Products For Lucrative Leads

Everyone’s received a keyring with a phone number for a local business on it before, but why not go one step further? Consider making a personalised keyring, or whatever marketing product you choose to produce.

You could put your prospective client’s name on it, or add a personalised message to give them a lasting reminder of their association with your business.

Or even better, you could provide them with a bespoke item, like a keyring with a memory stick containing information they’ve requested on it. 

2. Show Potential Customers What You Could Offer

ABM is often used to draw customers in and make them realise that your business is the one that they should be working alongside.

Take this one step further by creating bespoke mock-ups that can show your potential leads what you could do for them. 

This approach works best for companies that create products or design spaces: you can create a mock-up or even multiple examples, to show your potential client what you could make for them if they hired you.

So, if you work in logo design, you could create mock-ups of potential new logo designs, adapting them around current events such as the Coronavirus pandemic or the Black Lives Matter protests. 

By showing potential customers that you’re committed to putting effort into winning their business and that you have the design skills to deliver innovative solutions, then you could funnel them through from just interested into a paying customer. 

3. Connect On A Personal Level With Video Content 

Customers, be they businesses or private consumers, receive dozens of sales pitches by email every day, so if you want to connect with them on a personal level, then you’ll need to up your game and create something truly inventive.

One innovative, personal way to reach out to potential customers is to create video content that discusses their problems and how your firm can fix them.

Demand for video content is ever-growing, so by jumping on this trend and creating bespoke video content and tailoring it to your potential clients’ needs, you can boost your ABM campaign and increase its chances of success. 

Also, in the age of Coronavirus, where it’s almost impossible for salespeople to visit leads in person, creating custom video content is the ideal alternative. 

Each video should be bespoke, and you can tailor it to your target account. You could even incorporate your videos into your 1-1 AMB strategy by creating videos exclusively for one lead so that they feel special and get the most out of the content. 

4. Host An Event

Events might seem time-consuming, but they could be an ideal marketing tactic to target leads and drive your ABM strategy forward. You could also generate new leads by allowing additional guests to attend your event.

As the pandemic has cancelled many events, you might have to host yours virtually, but this actually benefits your company, as virtual events are cheaper and easier to host. It’s also easier to measure their success and track conversions on virtual events as opposed to physical meetings. 

Events fit well into ABM marketing campaigns, as they can be used to reinforce your brand message and connect on a personal level with your leads. They also make your potential clients feel like they’re getting support, rather than just being sold to, which is central to ABM. 

5. Mix ABM With Guerilla Marketing To Create A Unforgettable Campaign 

The definitive way to create an unforgettable creative ABM strategy is to incorporate Guerilla marketing into your campaign. 

Guerilla marketing is a unique marketing strategy that involves using unconventional advertising to connect with and surprise your target account. 

So, once you’ve identified the leads that you want to target, you can create an inventive advertising campaign that will inspire them and reinforce your branding. 

Using guerrilla marketing works best when conducting programmatic ABM, or 1-many campaigns. That’s because massive, innovative advertising often takes a lot of effort, time and money, so you’ll want it to make an impact and resonate with as many of your target audience as possible. 

Consider targeting a large group of consumers with specific needs, and then creating an inventive guerrilla marketing strategy that will boost your ABM strategy and earn your business the lead conversions it needs. 

Diyar Abdullah

Telemarketing expert who uses the 'social listening' approach to generate sales. A specialist in running successful ABM campaigns.

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